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“Mother Mary’s love for every person on earth is unfathomably deep.”

Mother Clare Watts



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Offerings for Newcomers

Transform Your Life through the Power of Meditation and Metaphysics – 5 class series

Your heart and mind are incredibly powerful forces for transforming your life. The universe responds to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in predictable and controllable ways. When you learn to understand and apply the laws of the spiritual and energetic world- your whole life will change. But don’t just believe it-experience it for yourself!

This amazing series will teach you to recognize and apply the fundamental energetic and spiritual laws that govern the world around you. You will leave each class with simple and practical exercises that will change your life. Every exercise will bring you closer to knowing your own creative power. This class is simple enough for beginners and deep enough to provide new insights to long-term practitioners.

Class 1 – Meditation & Metaphysics
You will learn what metaphysics is and how it can transform your life.

Class 2 – Creating Your Life
You will learn how to use metaphysical law of cause-and-effect to create the life you want.

Class 3 – Light
You will learn how to harness the power of Light to heal your body and expand your mind.

Class 4 – Healing Others
You will learn how to use the power of creating to being healing to others.

Class 5 – Soul
You will learn how to begin consciously evolving your soul nature.

Register for class by making your payment

We look forward to having you join us for this transformative learning experience.

Optional lovely printed binder with workbook and follow-up activities will be available for purchase. Cost: $20 – payable at first class

If you are financially challenged at present we offer this adjusted option:

If you are feeling blessed, able to offer more and would like to generate good karma we thank you for your generosity. We are a non-profit and it will be put to good use in support the rich array of spiritual classes, support and services we offer.

Thank you!


Meditation and Healing – 5 class series

This series artfully balances Mindfulness and Spiritual principles. Good for beginners or experienced practitioners of meditation or spirituality.

In this class you will learn how to use mindfulness and meditation practices to wake-up to your life, increase your vital force and open to the deep peace and wisdom that is within you. You will learn how to move through stagnant self-protection patterns and engage deeply with your life, your feelings and the divine within. All faiths and spiritual practices are honored and welcome in this amazing series.

Class 1 – Foundations of Mindfulness
Learn what mindfulness is and how it works.

Class 2 – Mindfulness and Acceptance: Releasing the Vital Force
Learn how you can use meditation to release energy trapped in emotional wounds.

Class 3 – Presence with the Divine Energy
Learn how to harness the mind’s tendency to attach to words and images.

Class 4 – Listening Within
Learn to listen to the wisdom inside your own heart and soul.

Class 5 – Visualization and Healing
Learn how to maximize the gifts you receive from within.

Register for class by making your payment

We look forward to having you join us for this transformative learning experience.

Price includes PDF of workbook chapters and follow-up activities which will be emailed to you after each class session.

If you are financially challenged at present we offer this adjusted option:

If you are feeling blessed, able to offer more and would like to generate good karma we thank you for your generosity. We are a non-profit and it will be put to good use in support the rich array of spiritual classes, support and services we offer.

Thank you!


Meditation & Communion

Monday – Friday • 6 am / Saturdays • 8 am / Sundays • 9:30 am

People don’t often put Christianity and meditation together, but meditation is essential to Christian mysticism. Without learning how to still the mind and body, it would be impossible to quiet the outer distractions enough to have a real relationship with God.

What is Christian meditation? There are no special techniques that define Christian meditation, only that it is the practice of getting still and connecting to the source of love within. Often, we guide people to connect to Jesus and Mother Mary in meditation to feel their consciousness, personality and love. In our school, we sometimes say that meditation is the workbench of our spiritual practice. If you’d like to learn how to meditate, Introduction to Meditation & Christian Mysticism is designed for beginning meditators. Read more about Christian Meditation here.


Peace Prayers

First Tuesday of the Month • 7 pm

On the first Wednesday of every month, the members of all of the Centers of Light pray for peace, creating a surge of positive energy for people all over the world. Open to all faiths, it is a chance for hearts and minds to make a real difference in the world. People pray for healing, spiritual awakening, love, solutions to hunger crises, war – anything that the world needs in order to become a place of peace. Join us!


Conscious Movies

Conscious movies at the Centers of Light are an opportunity to connect with others who are looking for ways to positively change the world. These events provide a way for people to talk about inspiring movies on a deeper level and how they affect our lives, our attitudes, our perceptions. It’s also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people! These events are free, and if you would like to give a donation, we will send it to an organization that’s truly helping the world. Come see a free showing at your local Center of Light and join in on the discussion to bring peace and consciousness to our world.  Read more about Conscious Movies at the Centers of Light here.


Spiritual Seminars & Workshops

Mother Clare travels every week to a Center of Light to give spiritual seminars. These are intensive workshop weekends and typically span four days, starting from Thursday night to Sunday noon. Spiritual seminars provide a rare opportunity to be with a Master Teacher, ask all the spiritual questions that you’ve never gotten adequate answers on, and ask for guidance on problems that you are dealing with in your life.  Click here to see a list of upcoming spiritual seminars: Mother Clare Watts Seminars.


Advanced Classes & Offerings

Bible Contemplation Class

Tuesdays • 7:30 pm

The New Testament teaches us how to be simple and follow two commands – love God first, and love our neighbor as ourself. It teaches us how to take on the light of Christ within ourselves and to become one with God, as Jesus was. We contemplate how Jesus’ teachings, his life events, and other characters in the Bible relate to our personal lives, in order to align our hearts and minds with God’s love and perfect patterns. This way of reflecting allows each person to experience personal insights and transformation that go beyond religious jargon, straight into the soul.

Introduction to Meditation and Christian Mysticism is a prerequisite for this class.

Tree of Life Class

Thursdays • 7:30 pm

The Tree of Life lessons are written for the purpose of unfolding the Soul alchemically and for opening up one’s spiritual consciousness to the Wisdom of God. Answers to questions such as “What is light?,” “What is love?,” or “What is the Creator?” will be presented in a simple, practical way that allows students to understand, discuss, and contemplate their meaning. Each class includes a hands-on experience that gives the student a tangible experience of the reality of God’s spirit and power.

Introduction to Meditation and Christian Mysticism is a prerequisite for this class.

The Centers of Light are mystical Christian schools and communities dedicated to consciousness, spiritual growth, and empowerment. Much like the spiritual communities that mystics such as St. Francis of Assisi and Paramahansa Yogananda created, the Centers of Light are shining, warm places for people searching for inner truth, meaning and direct relationship with God. In each of our Centers across the country, we teach, share, and cultivate spirituality through sacraments, meditation, seminars, classes, and practical instruction in order to bring people into real, deep experiences of God.

More about the Seattle Center of Light

The Seattle Center of Light is a spiritual school and mystical Christian Church in North Seattle, at 8917 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98115. We hold regular services, classes and spiritual seminars, including daily meditation and communion services and an Introduction to Christian Mysticism and Meditation Class, which is an excellent way for people to learn about Christian mysticism and experience what we do. We encourage you to browse this website for more information and contact us if you have any questions about the Center of Light Church in Seattle, meditation classes or other upcoming events.



The priests at the Center of Light Church in Seattle is Reverend Constance Wilson. We welcome individuals of all faiths – whether you’re Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu or “New Age”, it doesn’t matter to us as long as you are open to learning and experiencing more. If you have any questions about services, classes or other offerings at the Center of Light Seattle Church, feel free to contact us.

Constance Reverend Constance Wilson I am inspired by the rich intersection of teachings and experiences happening at the Center of Light each day.  There are wisdom teachings from various spiritual traditions, contemplative practices that deepen us into being more fully present and ourselves, community that makes an intentional spiritual life more doable, sacraments that inspire us beyond concepts and an ever-expanding lived awareness of our interconnectedness.  My previous life experiences moved me to search for something that was not Christian, so I was surprised and relieved to find such depth and authenticity in a mystical Christian way that is inclusive of all Truth.  Really, I was looking for something non-dogmatic, spiritual, creative, deep, warm, and experiential and I believed these values were not aligned with a Christian path.  Yet, each thing I’ve learned and come to value, whether it’s nonviolent communication or esteeming others or mindfulness or energy healing,  fits into this way of being and this brings me hope.  

I’m grateful to be connected to a thriving community of people, near and far, desiring to grow and deepen together. Each person’s unfolding process is consistently and miraculously a support to all the others.  After years on a spiritual path, I continue to be regularly amazed that,  over and over again, the answer to the question, the peace to the conflict, the harmony to the discord is inside.   The freshness of this living reality never gets old.   I’m grateful to have been guided by various teachers into meaningful experiences of meditation, prayer, devotion and connection with God.   It is now a joy to stand by others as these powerful and gentle inner truths unfold from within them.  

When I’m not serving or teaching at the Center, I work as a Nurse Practitioner and I love spending time with my husband, two young children, chickens, dogs and garden.  

Reverend Constance Wilson Priest

Margaret-Oleary Margaret O’Leary Several years ago a friend invited me to come hear a talk at the Center of Light. By the time the evening was over I knew I had found a place that would help me grow and become more connected to God. This journey continues and everyday I am grateful for God’s grace, a loving spiritual community and the opportunity to serve. Through classes, meditation, prayer, and my teacher’s help, I have had a chance to learn who I am and how God sees me. I feel blessed to serve this community and welcome those wanting to find a path to deepen their relationship with God, Jesus, and Mother Mary.  

When I am not at the Center, I live with my husband in North Bend, where I teach and volunteer. I love being outdoors, sharing time with family and friends, and learning new things.
Margaret O’Leary Minister

Deborah-Mahoney Deborah Mahoney I am grateful to be serving as a minister this life, and in this Order of dedicated men and women. My story is that I was in a long family saga and crisis that left me with a crack finally large enough for God to come in and work with me. It has been a road of beauty and the beast, seeing the glory behind the things that have always frightened me away before I could go deeper.  

With my hands more off the reins, I can trust more in the process that is unfolding within and oh so, not alone. My community is there for me to love and serve as I offer myself to the best of my ability, growing and changing toward ever more wholeness. So much balance and teaching in the path of the Christian Mystic is available here. The ways and the means are like a flow that invites us to fully experience ourselves from a fresh perspective.
Deborah Mahoney Minister



Christian Mysticism

By Mother Clare Watts

A renewed interest in Christian mysticism is emerging in the Western world, and it comes at a time when church attendance and membership are at all time lows. What are people finding in mysticism that they are not finding in the churches? Mysticism has never been about theological concepts and rules for “good” behavior. It is not about how to earn heaven or avoid hell. Mysticism always is about a soul’s profound and heartrending relationship with God. Why are mystics’ relationships with God always profound, and why does it break their hearts?

When you stumble upon the truth that God is living, in all God’s glory, right inside of you, or when you find God after a long journey of deepening, silencing and opening—and finally enter into the Great Love that is God—it is without exception the deepest and most overpowering experience you can ever have. To experience the presence and reality of God, and to experience that this immense and all-knowing Being has an individual knowing and love for you, will break your heart open and submerge it in the most wonderful new life that in comparison makes all previous knowing and living seem meaningless and dull.

Once you are touched and opened by that warmest and greatest of loves, nothing in the worlds of matter or spirit looks the same. Now everything has the tincture of the divinity and the love, affecting how you understand, relate to and feel about it. Nature looks more magnificent, material pursuits more spurious and human beings can no longer be thought of as anything less than sons and daughters of God in the making. You will see all people in terms of how close or far they are from God and God’s love rather than by any other ways you would have understood them before. And all human love will pale in the face of experiencing the love God has for you.

Christian mysticism is no different from any other mysticism in that its central element is this love relationship with God. However, it is different because of the place that Jesus and Mother Mary hold in the aspirants’ hearts, minds and practices. Christian mystics have found that the help of these two great beings makes it possible for them to move through all the obstacles that previously kept them from having the direct experience of God.

The road toward that union in love is fraught with many diversions, distractions and concepts that must be overcome to arrive at the deepest chambers of this interior life. Forgiveness of self and others is paramount to the journey, as are release of all other attachments that you have held above your desire for God.

Very few people manage to make this journey alone. A strong spiritual community and a loving and wise spiritual teacher greatly enhance the chances of the spiritual seeker finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. The art of prayer and meditation must be developed and the heart and mind purified. It is possible, if you want it, and if you seek it with all your heart, mind, body and soul. May you be blessed on your journey to God.

To learn more about Mother Clare Watts, visit:


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